Safelink Internet ServicesAlways looking for opportunities to serve their community, Safelink Internet and Sleep in Heavenly Peace have a lot in common. Safelink Internet Services provides internet services in some of Idaho's most rural communities, including Kimberly, Idaho where Sleep in Heavenly Peace was founded.

When the Director of Marketing, Sales and Field Service, Nathan Rasmussen, was approached about sponsoring the much-needed marketing software for Sleep in Heavenly Peace, he jumped at the chance to help. In addition to building bunk beds for his own children, Rasmussen had also volunteered to build bunk beds for families who needed them--before he ever knew about the non-profit, Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

By sponsoring SHP's HubSpot marketing software, Safelink Internet Services is helping to reach more people in more communities across Idaho--and across the country--and helping Sleep in Heavenly Peace expand their mission to make sure no kid sleeps on the floor.

This marketing software allows SHP to get the word out about their mission, inform interested volunteers and service groups of upcoming bunk builds, and increase opportunities for families in need to request beds.

Come to think of it; it’s because of Safelink's sponsorship of Sleep in Heavenly Peace and a generous discount from HubSpot that you found this page! is built in the HubSpot content optimization system, and the suite of marketing tools allows SHP to reach new audiences and is instrumental in the internal processes and workflows needed to coordinate volunteer efforts to build bunk beds.

Thanks to Safelink Internet Services for their support of Sleep in Heavenly Peace!

Safelink Internet and SHP Beds