Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, please use our Contact Form. We are deeply grateful to every person who has been generous enough to volunteer their time, money, or skills. If you have questions, just ask!


How long should I plan on being at a build day?

A typical build day lasts around 4 hours, but the time needed is based on the number of beds planned to be built and the number of volunteers we have signed up for that day.

Can Boy Scouts volunteer their time through hosting their own build day?

Absolutely! You can find more information about hosting a private or public build day here. We simply ask for a Scout Leader (and a few parent volunteers) to be on site for additional supervision.

Do volunteers need to bring their own tools?

No, all of the tools that are required to build beds will be provided by the SHP staff onsite. 

How can I sign up to volunteer?

Most people sign up through our website by filling out the contact request form. Simply select your local chapter and the Chapter President or Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch before their next Build Day event. You can find an upcoming event near you here.

Do I need experience to help build beds?

There is no experience required to become a volunteer and build beds. During a Build Day event, trained volunteers will be available to help anyone with the construction process, ranging from drilling, sanding, measuring, staining, etc.

We have a great How to Build an SHP Bunkbed Video. Check out our Facebook page and testimonials — even people with no building experience at all are soon able to help their community by building bunk beds for children.

Can I bring a child to help build beds?

On the page labeled Volunteer, you will see the process and requirements for attending a Build day and help build beds. Due to the nature of the environment and the tools used during the building process, volunteers must be at least 12 years of age and accompanied by their legal guardian.


How do I donate to the Disaster Relief Fund to help those affected by disasters?

Those looking to donate towards the Disaster Relief Fund can do so here. All donated funds received through our Disaster Relief Program are used to benefit children who have lost their beds and even their homes in tragedies across the globe.

Can I donate to a specific chapter?

Absolutely! You can donate to a local chapter directly through the website, or you can donate through the SHP store to the National Charity.

Where does my donation go?

Our goal is for 80% of donations to go back into the bed building and delivery process and 20% go towards the tools and fundraising needed to help get kids off the floor. We have always put our mission first. It guides our decisions. It is our compass. You can read more about how SHP donations are used here.

How can I donate?

There are a few ways you donate. You can either donate through our SHP store by purchasing SHP swag, or you can donate by mailing a check or gift card. You can learn more about how to donate here.

I don’t want to put my credit card on the Internet. How can I donate?

Although we make every attempt to ensure that your credit card information is processed safely through PayPal’s secure gateway, if you prefer not to put your credit card information online, you can also donate by check or by mailing a prepaid gift card to Wal-Mart, Lowes, or any other retailer where materials are applicable.

You can donate by making out a check to:

Sleep in Heavenly Peace
P.O. Box 116
Kimberly, ID 83341

You can also mail gift cards to the above address.

Can I donate pillows, bedding, lumber, etc?

Absolutely. A bed is not complete without bedding. Each bunk bed is made to fit a normal twin sized mattress and is delivered with a complete set of bedding, including mattress, mattress cover, pillow, pillow case, fitted sheet, flat sheet and as supplies last, comforters. If you want to donate any materials or bedding, please contact us via phone or email to get more details or see our Sponsor a Bed – Materials List for items needed to complete a single bunk.

How will my monetary donation be spent?

100% of any and all donations are used in the purchase, assembly, development, materials, delivery, and organization of the beds. We have no paid employees, and it is the donations we receive that determine the number of beds we are able to deliver.