NY-Syracuse Covid Delivery Changes

Submitted by Jon Wright on Wed, 07/08/2020 - 11:40
Crew Pic

The following are changes to our delivery procedures that

we have adopted in response to Covid pandemic .


Indemnity Form - This form is now filled out in advance. This eliminates the need to share personal phones or iPads.  The Delivery Team Coordinator verifies this has been done prior to dispatching the delivery information to the Delivery Team Lead.

No Kids - Sadly we now ask that children be kept out of the room while we are there.  At the discretion of the Delivery Team Lead a single team member may remain in the residence to take a picture of masked children posing near the newly constructed bed(s).  Otherwise we ask the parent to send pictures to ny-syracuse@shpbeds.org

Refuse - We now absolutely leave all packing materials and boxes.

Masks - Masks will be worn from vehicle exit to vehicle re-entry.  If it is not a family group in the vehicle masks should be worn while in transit.  We now require a single person meet us at the door and be masked.

Reduced Contact - We must assemble the wooden frame of the bed and place the mattresses on them.  It is permissible to leave the  bedding in the packaging neatly placed on the bed.

Smaller Crews - We recognize that not making the beds means less work.  We are shrinking the crew size where appropriate.

Hand Sanitizer - We will provide hand sanitizer in the tool bags and at the shop for your use.  We are looking at providing gloves if we can procure them in quantity.

We welcome other ideas.  Email us at ny-syracuse@shpbeds.org