Apply for a Bed

Smiling children in their new bunk beds

How to Apply for a Bed

You can request a bed in one of two ways:

1.) As a Bed Recipient: To qualify as a bed recipient, you must be the legal guardian of the child or children ages 3-17 years old receiving the bed. Please submit the online SHP Application Form mentioned above.

2.) As a Referral: Referring a family for a bed is a big responsibility. Generally, it is through referrals that we find the families who need our beds the most. If you’re a referral, please submit the online SHP Application Form. 

Selecting a Recipient

Once we receive an application, our selection committee will review it. Selecting a recipient isn’t done on a first-come, first-served basis—we make our decisions based on which children need beds the most.

We make and deliver beds as supplies and donations allow. When we’re out of beds or bedding, we file unselected applications away until we can make more. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that every applicant will get a bed.

If you are unable to fill out the online application, please contact your Chapter President

Apply a Free Bunk Bed For Your Kids

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is always eager to help families in need, particularly ones whose kids have uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. Unfortunately, we can only help families who are close to our active chapters.

Therefore, you must fit the following criteria to receive one of our bunk beds:

1.) Location: You must live near one of our active chapters. To find your local chapter, view our locations here

2.) Living Environment: You must have an accessible house or apartment with a room large enough to fit one of our beds.

3.) Contact: We must be able to contact you via phone, text or email.

4.) Necessary Documents: You’ll need to fill out our online SHP Application Form. If your application is accepted, you’ll need to sign an Indemnification Release Form (you can do this when your bed arrives).

5.) Ages: Kids need to be 3-17 years old.

Please note that not all chapters are taking applications at the current time, but will be in the future. 

You can submit an application for a free bunk bed here: 
Apply for a Bed

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